5 Tips for Safe and Successful Solo Travel

Posted on 08 February 2019 (0)

Today, quite a number of people are finding solo travel to be an attractive getaway. Apart from the adventure in unique destinations, there are numerous benefits of solo travel that can also help you enhance different aspects of your life. If you are considering a solo trip, take the advice from my pal Jessie, over at GT Roofing of San Antonio, as she explains below are the 5 tips for safe and successful solo travel to keep in mind.

Do Proper Research about Your Destination

Before heading out, take time to find as much information about the new place as possible. Get to know the customs of the locals, areas to avoid and also where to get help in case you are in trouble. After arrival, talk to the locals too about the area and how to stay safe.

Keep In Touch  

Regardless of your destination or reason for travel, try to always stay connected. Today, a smartphone is one of the best ways to stay connected with the rest of the world when traveling. As the trip progresses, remember to keep your friends, family or colleagues back home appraised.

Keep Money and Other Valuables Separately

You never know when you can run into trouble. So, never keep all your eggs in one basket. Put some money and credit cards in the wallet, pocket as well as hotel. While there are some places where you may be required to show the original passport, a copy is usually just enough in most cases. If you have to always have it, keep it separately from credit cards and money.

Be Mindful Of Your Health

Whether you are out diving, hiking or just relaxing indoors, always put your health first. For instance, do not just drink water without asking if it is safe. Whenever you start feeling sick, find immediate help from your first aid kit, local pharmacies or call the embassy in that country.

Watch Your Back

When traveling solo, you will be on your own most of the times. So, do not be too distracted by the sights and sounds that you lower your guard. Use the opportunity to interact with the locals but, be careful about the people you mingle with and how far you can go.

The above tips can help you ensure a safe and successful trip. But, you should also understand that the success of every trip also requires proper planning. Nevertheless, go out there and have fun!

What to Pack for a 5 Day Trip

Posted on 31 October 2019 (0)

Packing is an inevitable step in planning trips that every traveler must go through. For long trips, packing is usually fun since travelers have a wide range of options. However, packing for a five-day trip can be cumbersome since you need to limit yourself to just a few travel essentials. Nevertheless, the following guidelines can assist you in determining what to pack for a 5-day trip. 

Check the Weather 

Knowing the expected weather conditions at your destination is critical in determining the types of clothes to pack. Before the trip, check the weather forecasts for the intended destination. In case the destination expects cold temperatures during your trip, it would be advisable to consider packing one or two jackets. On the other hand, visiting hot destinations will require a few light clothes like a shirt, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. 

Consider the Planned Activities 

The reason for your trip should also be a significant factor to consider when choosing what to pack. Knowing all the planned activities for the entire trip will help you to easily choose the particular clothes, travel gear and other essentials to pack. For instance, if you will be spending five days out in the wilderness hiking, there is no need for packing fancy party outfits. On the other hand, if you will be engaging in water activities, swim gear is essential. 

Pack Clothes that can be Easily Paired 

Clothes usually account for a larger percentage of most people’s travel items. To avoid over-packing, it is advisable to choose clothes that can be easily matched with each other. For instance, you can pack three shirts that can be matched with one pair of trousers or pants. 

Generally, there is no limit to what you can pack for a five-day trip. However, you should try to pack small luggage for stress-free and cheap travel. Only pack what is necessary and cannot be obtained on the road. 


Important Things to Know When Traveling to Australia

Posted on 21 June 2019 (0)

In addition to deciding on the cities to travel to and the sights to see, there are other things to know and consider when traveling to Australia. Here are some of the most important things that every travel should know before they go to Australia.

When to Travel to Australia

When you travel to Australia is largely dependent on the part of this country that you wish to visit. Being in the Southern hemisphere, Australia has seasons that are opposite to those of the countries in the Northern hemisphere. But, the most popular summer months to travel to Southern Australia are January, February, and December. Nevertheless, the country is more crowded these months and traveling is more expensive. To save money and avoid crowds, travel to Australia in March, April, October, or November. Australia has pleasant temperatures during these months.

Visa Requirements

Tourists need visas to travel to Australia. Only New Zealand citizens are exempted from this requirement. Canada, U.S, and Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong citizens can apply for ETA online at a cost of around US$18.50. Where and how tourists apply for visas, the restrictions that apply, and costs depend on their countries of origin.

What Not to Carry When Traveling to Australia

You are not allowed to carry foods like vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat. You should also not carry plants, skins, seeds, and feathers when traveling to Australia. Travelers are also prohibited from carrying weapons, drugs, protected wildlife, and firearms. Some personal use medications are also controlled. Therefore, if you are on medication, have a doctor’s letter stating the medicines you are required to take and your conditions.

Vaccination Requirements

When you travel to Australia, you don’t need vaccination. But, if you just had yellow fever or come from a country infected with yellow fever, you have to show that you have received yellow fever vaccination.

Basically, these are the most important things to know when traveling to Australia. Nevertheless, you should conduct your own research to learn more about your travel destination and make appropriate travel arrangements.

5 Habits of Successful Travelers

Posted on 28 August 2018 (0)

5 Habits of Successful Travelers

Meta Description: Do you want to become a successful traveler? Then take a minute to learn 5 habits that set successful travelers apart.

Whether you are planning a dream trip, a getaway, or corporate travel, you will realize that everybody can access the world. However, to become a successful traveler, there are things that you should know. These are the habits of successful travelers. Whether you travel for adventure, leisure, or business, these habits will make your trip more enjoyable and successful.

These habits are as follows:

Using the Internet

Successful travelers are mostly online. They frequent websites that enable them to prepare for and plan their trips. You will also find them browsing sites that enable them to take advantage of deals and get ideas for their next trips. Check out such websites too to become a successful traveler.

Valuing Time

Successful travelers do not wait to plan for their trips in the last minutes. They start planning their trips early. They talk to travel agents and tour companies. They also book reservations in advance. This enables them to get the best deals before the last minute when everybody wants to travel.

Knowing Their Rights

Successful travelers know their rights and what they should expect from travel service providers. This enables them to avoid being frustrated or ripped off by travel companies. What’s more, they use education and politeness as communication tools rather than accusations and hostile anger.

Patience for Self and the Surrounding

Misunderstanding happens and things tend to go wrong when least expected. However, this doesn’t make successful travelers panic. Instead, they adapt to the situations they find themselves in. They use creative and clever minds to overcome challenges that come their way.

Knowing Their Limits

You are not perfect as a traveler. It’s therefore important that you try new things and explore but know your limit. This will enable you to avoid risks and frustrations that you may endure if you try something and fail.

Try these habits and you too will become a successful traveler.

Useful Holiday Travel Tips

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Useful Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travel is almost inevitable for most people. That’s because this is the time when people travel to reunite with their loved ones. However, traveling during a holiday can be hectic. That’s because there are many people traveling at this time. My cousin that owns Hotel Discotheque is my travel partner and we always think about how to make things easier when traveling, so we follow these holiday travel tips.

Avoid Traveling on Peak Travel Days

When traveling during New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving, think of the days when everybody would like to travel and avoid them. For Thanksgiving, avoid traveling on Wednesday. If you can travel on the other days apart from Sunday, you will most likely pay less. New Year and Christmas change every year. Therefore, consider traveling on days when other people will not be traveling.

Shop Around

If you intend to take a flight, shop around. Use websites that feature flight deals to compare the amount that you are likely to spend when you travel. This will enable you to determine options that will enable you to save when you travel. Although price may not be the only factor when traveling, shopping around enables you to determine the best travel times.

Know the Airports

Check alternate airports to determine the best airports to use. Alternate airport gambit tends to pay off better during a holiday crush.  You will also score on most fronts including car rentals, parking, as well as traffic and nearby hotels. This implies that you end up saving money and time. Bear in mind the fact that smaller airports have few flights and fewer delays. This is an important consideration when traveling during a holiday.

Connect Carefully

When it comes to flights bookings, check search results to ensure adequate layovers time. Create some time for weather woes and flight delays. This is particularly important when traveling during winter. Travelling during peak time has travel delays. Your connections are therefore likely to be interfered with. As such, it’s wise to avoid tight connections when traveling during a holiday.

Leave Early

You will experience more trouble from traffic jams, security check-in and full parking space when traveling during a holiday. To avoid this, leave early. This will enable you to clear with the airport early and get a parking space.

Pack Wisely

If you can pack everything in a carry-on bag, that’s good for you. But, if you must pack in a suitcase, pack wisely. Carry items that you can’t do without when you travel. This will make maneuvering around crowded spaces easier for you because you will have light luggage.

Follow these useful holiday travel tips to make your experience better when traveling to any destination.